Saturday, May 13, 2023

A Busy Writing Week

 This has been a busy week of writing - Here is what kept me busy, edits on two finished books and two new essays in my soon-to-be-finished fourth book for seniors. Interesting that I’m working on a fourth, and one of the two books I am still editing is the third. Oh Boy!


Let’s See – I believe those three books will put me at 16. At my age (rather advanced), I still see 20 or so.


Hey Mr. Older Adult - Speaking of advanced years, Grammarly did not like me using the term old man as I edited my latest Blade Holmes western mystery. It suggested I use older adult or older man instead. I don’t know, but to me, it is not disrespectful or culturally inappropriate to use old man. I have always disliked the saying, “It is what it is,” but I’m 75 – an old man. It doesn’t hurt my feelings one bit. I am happy to be alive and in good health well (mostly) and an old man at three-quarters of a century.  


It feels so good to be back writing - I don’t want to belabor the point, but when I was unable to write due to health issues (see previous posts), it felt like a new beginning as I, once again, tapped away on my laptop.


Word Count – Page Count – An excellent week of writing and rewrites pushed me to almost 2,500 words, which is not bad for me. I also edited 60+ pages.


More on Word Count – I never wrote the number of words many writers do, but most years, I wrote and published over 200,000. Some writers go a million words a year – now that’s a lot of seat time. Because of my photography and gardening habits, ok, along with walking/hiking, jeeping, and watching the backyard birds, I'm one busy guy. 😊


Writing Quote of the Day – Every year, there’s a few more things I’m not sure of. I’ve decided that a wide-ranging uncertainty is the mark of the true maturity of man.”     Lawrence Block


That’s It for today - I will be back soon. Have a great day and a super week.


Today's Photos – Were all shot this week, one in our backyard and two in the Laramie Range west of town.


Tuesday, May 2, 2023

To say it has been a while since I last posted on this site would be quite an understatement. But, yes, it has been a while – nearly eight months and that is a long time for a blog I consider active.

Excuses – Excuses - Poor health and surgery behind me and yes, I am getting better and once again feeling nearly like my old self. And, I am writing again, quite a bit – several hundred words each day.

Working away - I am also doing my final edit on the third of my Blade Holmes western mysteries. This one has been in the works for years. At last, I may soon, or someday, get this one published. I am also on the final edit of my, senior reader (third in the series) Walking for health book. Along with those two, I am writing a fourth senior book – this one about growing up three-quarters of a century ago. As always, I have other projects – more toward the back burner going. These projects include some Wyoming History and maybe, another in my children’s book series. Who knows, I am feeling good again.

Today’s photos - from my walks last week.

Western quote of the day –

“For West is where we all plan to go someday. It is where you go when the land gives out and the old-field pines encroach. It is where you go when you get the letter saying: Flee, all is discovered. It is where you go when you look down at the blade in your hand and the blood on it. It is where you go when you are told that you are a bubble on the tide of empire. It is where you go when you hear that thar's gold in them-thar hills. It is where you go to grow up with the country. It is where you go to spend your old age. Or it is just where you go.”

Robert Penn Warren    -- All the King’s Men

That’s it for today. I will be back soon. Have a great day and a super week.