Friday, April 16, 2021

April Writing Update

I am still here and continue writing, taking photos, and tending to my garden starts. Like so many, I will be happy when the pandemic becomes a memory, albeit a bad one. 

Writing Update - I have a start on new non-fiction and am still contemplating whether I want to publish my third Blade Holmes western mystery. That book is finished, just not sure If I want to publish as is or do some retooling. I have also taken on some additional editing, something I do not often do. Then there is the fifth in my series of kids chapter books, it was scheduled to be released this month but is not close, maybe another three or four months. Looks like I have my year, likely two, of writing planned out. 

Exercise - Still getting in my morning miles, normally two or close to three. I walk regardless of, snow, cold, or wind - I still walk. There are days I don't like it as much as others, but It's such a part of my daily routine that I must do it. 

Today's photos are from my morning walks the past week.