Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Between Wyoming’s, wish it could have been more

 From time to time I review books, more for my own enjoyment than for others. The following review is of a non-western book, but one I never the less thought would be a good read.

Growing up in the 60’s and loving the music of that era I thought this book would be a natural for me. And the fact that it is named after the state I live in, how could I go wrong?

I knew of Ken Mansfield and felt like a road trip with him would be a lot of fun. Well, it was not. It took me nearly two years to get through this book, I started and stopped a dozen times, just could not get into it.  I felt like a thief in the night, getting this book for free, and then not reviewing it. In the meantime I have read 60 plus books, but not this one. I retired in May and forced myself to finally read, Between Wyoming’s, in its entirety.

This book just never hit the mark with me, much too long to tell what seemed to be not much of a story, or a series of short encounters stretched to make a book. The storyline of his journey to Christ seems to be lost in the endless stories of the 60’s.

The entire book reminded me of a self published memoir that only family and friends cared about. I hope others find this story better than I did.