Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Working - Resting & Distancing

What's going on? – For me, and I expect many others, the answer is the traditional, "not much."
With all the extra time on my hands, I should be getting more, not less accomplished. I do get in about two hours each day writing or editing, an hour or so in my shop, gardens, or yard. The rest of the time, I waste. Maybe not all of it – I have done a good bit of reading – on the deck in the sunshine when I can.
I think he might have found me

Typing Skills – My typing skills, with a broken finger, have deteriorated recently. Took me years to become a proper typist, now I am one hand regular, and one hand two fingers.

Social Distancing – Much has been made of distancing ourselves from others recently. Everyone I know takes this quite seriously, but it can be kind of funny here. We live in a 2,111 square mile county with 8,391 other folks. Using my handy phone calculator, that means we have 3.98 people per square mile. Our county has two stoplights, both 26 miles away in Wheatland. As Wyomingites have been saying all along – "we have always social distanced." It is easier here - where standing or waiting in any kind of line is an oddity. 
Backyard Goldfinch Battle
Meanwhile – It is getting close to spring flower and garden time – a time for rejuvenation for all. And now would be an excellent time for me to get back to work. Book 13, another nonfiction book on aging, and all of the joys that go with it will be finished this month.

Newell Bay in Guernsey State Park

Photos – Wyoming's few people do make it possible for us to get out and walk/hike on nice days. Today's photos are from recent hikes in Guernsey State Park and from my backyard deck.
Take care, my friends!