Thursday, May 28, 2020

Writing Update - May 2020

Here we are, almost through May, and for most of us, nothing has changed. We all look forward to a more normal life sometime soon, and I am sure it will eventually get here. 

Wyoming's Snowy Range last weekend.

So What Have I Been Doing?  Some wiring, a bit of hiking, lots of gardening, and quite a bit of reading.

Writing - I have completed everything for my latest non-fiction books. What does that mean? I have the back matter completed (stuff on the back cover), and I have a cover. Release date - still not sure, but sometime in the next 60, or so, days.

The Next Blade Holmes Novel - Nothing for sure yet as my work production is slow, but it looks like I can make it (Book 3) by September 1. Fingers crossed!

Book 5 of My Kids Chapter Book Series - Hoping before Christmas. 

Wyoming State Bird in Guernsey State Park

Anything Else? I am doing a bit of work on a mystery I started seven or eight years ago. This one is fun, it combines two of my passions, a good murder mystery, and golf. It will be fun if I ever complete it. 

Osprey looking for dinner in the North Plate River