Monday, January 28, 2019

Writing Book Three of a Series

About  Goals for 2019 – I saw a funny tweet the other day that went something like this – “Well I have already failed on my 2019 New Year’s Resolution’s but wait until next year, in 2020 I will hold to my resolutions – wait until next year. That will be my year.
That is why I do not make any hard and fast resolutions.

Writing Year – I did say on here a couple of weeks ago that I wanted to write more – well so far, I’m doing okay. As of today January 28, I have written, with a bit of an estimate to the end of today, about 18,000 words – not bad. At that pace, I will end up only a bit short of my normal quarter of a million words per year.

New Book – I am presently hard at work on my third in the series of my western mystery – Blade Holmes books. These are not long I am shooting for fifty-five to sixty thousand words and more than halfway home with my first draft. Looks like I may have a first draft completed in February, then several editing rounds, some beta reads and, hopefully by the middle of March it will be for sale on Amazon.

Research – I am also back researching my Wyoming book – going nicely, but as always with research, slow going

Life Goals for the Year – At my age, soon to be 71 I have decided that maybe I need a few life-changing goals. I have ruled out a run for president and starting a rock band, and settled on the following.
1.  Start playing golf again – I hope I do. I have played most of my life, but last summer, life changes, and disappointments caused me to quit or nearly so. I played, four holes once and six holes once in early July, and have not played since. I used to play quite a bit, actually good exercise, even when I am riding in a cart.
 How much? – We will see, but maybe, before it gets too hot, nine holes three times a week.
2.  Make sure we make our spring trip south to do some poking around in New Mexico state parks and historic sites. This trip has been planned each of the last three years, but sickness and lack of traveling cash have put it on the back burner each time. Also, make sure we, again, take our annual Branson trip in late October.
3.  Start walking again – looking to get closer to 10,000 steps per day up from my present, 3,000 if I am lucky.
4.  Last – get back to Nebraska, where we grew up, more often to see family and a few sites.

Photo of the Week –

From the Old West – Life is like checkers when you reach the top, you can move wherever you want.

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Keep on Reading and keep on Writing.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Words on Paper

Making significant progress on WIP, I am about a third of the way through my projected number of pages. This will be my third Blade Holmes western mystery, not sure how many more will follow, maybe one more - then on to some new characters.

So far the big winter storms are all missing us here in Eastern Wyoming - now we are getting to a point we could really use some snow. I don't mind the snow, just hate shoveling.
Mule Deer in self-made frame

I am still struggling with cold and flu, seems the older I get, the longer it holds on. I did get some writing done last week, about 4,500 words, not a bad week. I still have too many days, three in a row now for the second time in January, when I wrote zero. I told my wife if we got rich, not likely when we are long retired, we would snowbird for a few months each year and see if I would feel better.

Book sales look about like I feel lately, not so good! Pages read still going reasonably well though, about average for me.

One thing I can always look forward to is spring, seems I always perk up that time of year.

This evening we are enjoying a terrific movie - Richard Dreyfull age 71, and Chevy Chase age 75, In The Last Laugh, at my age 70 it is a lot of fun. 
Prairie Dog checking out the December sun

Did get out with my camera a couple times last weeks, although I will admit, all photos were taken while sitting in my pickup. No walking - and I need some exercise/

Enough rambling - enjoy the week.

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Writing Books

It took a long time, too long, eight days to be exact to get around to my first 2019 post.
  As I did last year and the year before I started this year, sick in bed. For me, the first part of every year seems to be my time for a sinus infection. When I was younger, I fought it off pretty well, popped a few pills for a week and did not miss a day of work – no longer.  Now, these things involve a trip to the doctor, prescription meds and lots of rest. I am, at last feeling better, but still not doing much.
  Maybe with a start like this, the year will go out with a big bang – writing wise at least.

Goals for 2019 – Two books published and 36 read - that’s it.  I also hope to write in the neighborhood of 300,000 words. Last year I sluffed off, writing less, and taking fewer photos than I have for many years. That is what a New Year is all about, starting fresh.
Looking Toward a Terrific 2019

What I am Working on Now? – The third in my western mystery series. This one, like the others, is set in Wyoming and, so far is moving right along.

Cowboy Saying – Sometimes you’ll find a heap of thread on a mighty small spool.

What I’m Reading – I am through the first two tales in Steve Hockensmith’s highly entertaining – Dear Mr. Holmes: Seven Holmes on the Range Mysteries.
This one is a good mix of Sherlock Holmes, and an old fashioned western with quite a lot of humor tossed in. So far I am loving it - More about this later this month