Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Writing in the Fall

Here in Wyoming, we are having a spectacular fall. Warm weather and wonderful colors. Looks like it might be winding down with more wintery weather coming in. Winter keeps me inside much more than I like, but it does give me more time to write, which I am looking forward too.

Lately, it seems I am too tired, or not motivated to sit down and write. I have several projects going but seem to have stalled on all of them. My wife has suggested that maybe I am not interested in any of the stories I have going. She might be right, I may be bored with them or, YIKES, they might not be good.

Considering that I am blogging about half of what is normal for me I guess I will chalk up my lack of writing to a shortage of motivation. But I will forge on – who knows – might be today. We do have a week of vacation planned, then for sure, I will start again – or maybe. . . . 

Enjoy the day and keep on reading, and keep on writing – as for me, at the present time I am reading, David Baldacci’s, The Christmas Train. Might be a little early, but it is an entertaining cozy mystery, I’m enjoying it.  

The hard part about writing a novel is finishing it.

Ernest Hemingway

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

After a Bit of Time Off

I have taken a few weeks off - seems a series of trips to the Dentist and Cardiologist will do that. If you are as old as I am, or close, you may have heard the expression, "I was feeling kind of punk." It came from when wood started to rot and got punky, not sure I like that definition but then again . . . .

Muted colors as the sun was setting -  Mule Deer  does and fawns

Now I am feeling better and hope to get back to writing more than a couple of hundred words a week, where I am now. I have always tried to post on this blog three or four times a month and hope to still make it this month. 

View from the Castle on the North Bluff in Guernsey, Wyoming State Park

We are also planning our annual trip to Branson Missouri, in early November. We have been going there for many years, and it always seems to rejuvenate me, and along with that, my writing.

Walking up a mountainside

Meanwhile, my sales and pages read also seem to be slipping - might be my lack of advertising and blogging. 

My wife and I have been out the past few days hiking and walking, and with that, I have taken a few, okay, a lot of nice fall photos. Enjoy!

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Taking a break on our Saturday afternoon hike

Keep on reading and keep on writing!