Sunday, April 14, 2019

Taking it Easy

Still on my, self-imposed, hiatus from writing. Lots of other things going on that are taking up my time. I am not done yet, for those who asked, and thanks. I still have two nearly completed projects and will, someday, get back to them. I will keep you posted, today I am taking it easy watching the Masters and later Rockies baseball on TV. 

I have slowed down with my photography also but did get out a couple of times in the last week or so - today's photos from those outings. 

Enjoy the day! 

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Writing Slow Down

No writing in March, zero words on my WIP, and only one blog post. I did get out with my camera and took a few photos, but not many of those either.  The photos on today's post are from a trip to Guernsey State Park one afternoon last week. I am spending most of my time getting the yard ready for summer, organizing and cleaning the garage, and working on some, inside the house, projects.

I did quite a bit of writing in January and February but have, temporarily, I hope, lost my motivation. I am, however, enjoying working on the house, finished a new floor in the family room and, I must say, it looks great.

It is possible I will take off this month from writing as well, then see how it goes in May. I still enjoy writing, but too much going on right now to do anything.

Enjoy the warming of Spring.