Friday, February 23, 2018

Writing, Walking, Laughing, and Selling Books

The sun is shining, and maybe, just maybe, some of the snow will melt this afternoon. One thing about an extended cold snap – lots of time to write, and I have been taking advantage of it. I am working mostly on my non-fiction Fort Laramie book, but thinking about digging out one of my work in progress fiction books to change it up a little bit. Maybe fiction in the morning and nonfiction in the afternoon?

On Turning 70 - My Newest book, a look at turning 70, a combination of tongue in cheek humor and reminisces is available and has started to sell a few copies – only .99 as an ebook. Click to see.

A Smile on a Cool February Day
Have you heard that Wrangler and Levi Strauss started manufacturing electric jeans!

We had to chop up the piano for firewood - but we only got two chords. (Sorry for that one)

Two old cowboys, wearing every stitch of warm clothes they could find, walked toward the barn attempting to talk about the weather. It was not working, their words were freezing in the air. At last, exasperated, the two each grabbed a handful of the frozen sentences and took them back to the bunkhouse, sat by the fire and waited for the words to thaw by the fire before they knew what they were talking about.
Watched these two young ladies Tuesday afternoon

Book Sales – Not as strong as last month but still doing fine – thank you, it is rewarding to see books sold online every day. If it has been a while since you checked my author site on Amazon – click here and take a look at my ten books, and one short story. Each book has a click to read a free sample – pretty cool!
Super Sunset last week

Exercise in Expectation of Warm Days to Come - Once we have a few nice days I will start thinking about playing golf again. I played a few times in December, not at all in January and have got out once for nine holes this month. My wife and I are on a new quest, to walk 100 miles, exercise-extra walking, by the first of May. Should be able to make it, only an average of a mile and a half a day. Not a lot, but pretty good for an old codger like me.

Meanwhile, keep on reading and keep on writing.
Our view from a hike in the park

Saturday, February 17, 2018

New Book and a Wyoming Drive

Feeling better and back to work – that’s me this week. Took nearly five weeks to get back to whatever is normal for me. The first battle with the flu I have had in many years, and the flu won this fight. But now, thankfully, looks like that is all behind me.

Reading - Spending much more time than normal sitting in my recliner had one positive outcome, I did a lot of reading. I spent quite a lot of time reading blogs and free sample pages of books I thought interesting. I found several books I added to my, to read, list.   Speaking of free pages, I love the, Look Inside, feature on Amazon, as it gives me a chance to see if it might be something I will like. I purchased half a dozen eBooks and two physical books over the last two weeks.

On Turning 70 – My newest book and my shortest is out. It is a story of reflection on turning 70 years of age. The book is not only reflective but full of humor and nostalgia. If you are getting, as we used to hear, “up there in years,” give it a try, it’s a quick hour or hour and a half read. This one, like all of my books, is available in soft cover or as an eBook. Here is the link to the $1.99 eBook.

Photo Trip – Thursday we made the hundred mile trip to Rock River, Wyoming to watch our grandson’s basketball game. For readers who do not live in Wyoming – no, a trip of 100 miles for Jr. High sports is not unusual here in the Cowboy state. The trip gave me a chance to drive through some rugged areas great for wildlife photos. All of today's photos are from that trip. You will see some snow coming down in a few of the photos, another, its that time of year, fact.

Meanwhile – Keep on reading, and for my writing friends, keep on writing.

Monday, February 5, 2018

Reading, Writing & A Winter Day in Wyoming

I follow quite a few writers on various social media platforms. Most of the time I enjoy what they have to say. Why only most of the time? I like authors who post about their work, works in progress, what they are reading, or how to write articles.

Posting Off Subject - When writers post political stuff, I don’t mind some, but if it becomes the norm, I usually quit on them. I have my own political views, which I keep to myself, except for one post which I still regret. It’s not that I don’t enjoy a good political conversation or read, I do, but for that, I keep to political bloggers. As far as politics, I follow people on both sides, liberal, and conservative, and sometimes enjoy what they have to say.
Off subject photo of Bison in Winter

Sites I Read - Like most everyone who writes, I follow/read many writing sites. Some are fun, some helpful, and some simply have so many followers I figure something must be going on. Here are five, in no particular order, that I look at several times a week, and often find good stuff, usable stuff, or inspiration to keep on working.

On a Windy and Cold Day

I would advise anyone who aspires to a writing career that before developing his talent he would be wise to develop a thick hide.  Harper Lee

I love that quote, and how true it is. No matter how hard we try, those of us who write are still going to be hurt, at times, by what others think about our hard work. I am still hoping for a five-star review to cover the single one-star I got for my novel, The Ghost Dance, on Amazon. 
Winter Sunset

It’s a good story and still sells pretty well, but the one-star review keeps it from being as popular as some of my other books. Why the one-star? I let my spell checker replace Marshal with Marshall, and sole instead of soul, (I might have done that one myself). Not grievous, most never noticed, but still wrong. The words were long ago replaced, but the one-star, sadly the books only review, lives on. Someday a kind reader, or two, will leave some four or five-star reviews and the book will sell better, and I will feel better. Meanwhile, I try to remember Harper Lee’s words about developing a thick hide.
Talking About My Book on the Civilian Conservation Corps 
What I am Reading Now – Elmer Kelton’s, Ranger’s Trail
Geese Flying Over in the Heavy Snow This Morning

Have a great week and keep on reading and writing

Coming Soon - Sring & Summer