Friday, April 20, 2018

Writing Snacks and Other Nonsense

It's Warming Up and I Am, Once Again, Up and At Um
So much has been written about the habits of writers, so much, that I decided to make a list of some of my writing habits. Seems since most who write do it differently than others, we all might be a bit odd – but here we go.

1.  Most of my writing is on my laptop, (touchscreen, no mouse) sitting in my favorite recliner with the television on. (Seldom could I tell anyone details of what was on, I like the noise I guess)
2.  When writing in my office, about 10% of my writing, I also turn on a television
3.  Writing snacks – Salted peanuts, black licorice, dried cherries, hot or iced tea
4.  I always have both fiction, and a nonfiction project going on
5.  My best writing time – afternoon, evening and late – too late
6.  Mornings I use for news, and social media, and new research
7.  I try to walk a mile or more or play golf, usually 9 holes, every day. (When playing golf I ride, I figure I get plenty of steps along with twisting and turning in the 90 minutes I am on the course)
8.  I spend time in my gardens, or out with my cameras, whenever possible
9.  I spend an hour or two each morning reading, outside in the sun when possible
10.              I sign books with a black rollerball pen, I sometimes use fountain pens when I write personal notes from home.
11.              Last, I check my online sales twice a day – morning and evening
12.              Another last, my wife and I take lots of day trips when we do I take one of my cameras, but no writing when we are out enjoying the day.

There you have it,  as Frank Sinatra put it, My Way.
So how do you write? Anything that seems a bit far left or right of the norm?

Feeling Better – Writing More - I am spending more time writing, the past two weeks, than I have for several months. At last, I feel well enough to think and write. Seems the older I get the tougher it is to get through the winters without various health problems. Nothing serious, just the same old, cold and flu stuff, to which I added an ongoing problem with my left foot.

Writing – Still spending most of my time on the third book in my Blade Holmes western mystery series. I changed the tentative title yesterday and also a bit of the focus of the book. Now working on an updated character list and outline of events for my famous marshal.
Reading – Still reading Sioux Dawn, by Terry C. Johnston, also taking my time reading, A Guide to Photographing Rocky Mountain Wildlife, interesting and with so many terrific photos.

Today’s Photo’s – From the mountains 20-30 or so, miles west of town
Keep on reading, and keep on writing, see all of my books on my Amazon author site – here.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Marketing Books

Last week’s (wow has it been two weeks?) eBook give away seemed to be a success. If nothing else it let me know I am reaching a few more people. Next year I will try another with hopes to give away 100 books. Not close to that yet, but when I passed 20 I felt good about it.

Book Sales – Surprisingly my latest book – On Turning 70, is selling pretty well, not only in the eBook form, this month I have sold more regular books with this one than any of my others. Maybe because it is a large print edition has helped with sales to people my age.  I sell a few of my CCC nonfiction book in the soft cover version every month and now that it is warming up my humorous and helpful look at gardening is doing better.

Book Marketing – I have been reading more and more about bookselling and marketing, trouble is, I read about it but do not do much – guess that’s not working. Like many writers I spend too much time writing, messing around on social media and unlike many writers, I spend lots of time gardening, playing golf and shooting photos outdoors, all fun, but not a huge help when selling a book or two.

Writing – Spending most of my time on the third book in my Blade Holmes western mystery series. The book, tentatively titled, Cattleman, is set from Platte County to Johnson County Wyoming.

ReadingSioux Dawn, by Terry C. Johnston, the book is based on the 1866 Fetterman Massacre, so far a well written and fascinating read.

Today’s Photo’s – Breaking spring in Wyoming

Keep on reading, and keep on writing, see all of my books on my Amazon author site – here. 

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Free eBook - Neil Waring's - Ghost of the Fawn

Free Book – download here.  Ghost of the Fawn. Set in modern-day central Wyoming.

Last week I mentioned that I would soon have a book up for free.

Free today through the weekend. This book – Ghost of the Fawn, has not sold as well as many of my others, not sure why. It is a story of two Native teens trying to find themselves until they get in the middle of intrigue and murder in Central Wyoming. I love the story and think you might too.

Thanks, and enjoy!
This year, here in Wyoming, this is spring.