Monday, July 2, 2018

Independence Day Week - Selling and Writing Books

July has arrived in all its heated glory. With Independence Day only two days off it is feeling very July like. We were blessed with a wet, and cooler than usual, May and June. 
With the weather so hot it is not fit to spend much time outside, I hope to get more work done with my two works in progress.

Wyoming, it’s too hot joke - I saw a coyote chasing a jackrabbit and they were both walking!

We spent the past weekend in Estes Park Colorado, about three hours away. We were there for our niece's wedding and were also able to take in some of the local sites. We have been to Estes more than a dozen times and always enjoy our time there. We especially enjoy people watching, seems everyone is walking, talking, smiling, and eating on the downtown streets.

Book Sales – Picking up the past week, but still in typically slow, summer mode. 
Reading – I have just started reading Louis L’Amour’s. To Tame a Land.  

My goals – Now that I am in need of finishing up some of my WIP, looks like I will need to set some goals

1.  5,000 words a week for July – those 20,000 words will go a long way towards finishing up some of my new projects.
2.  Finish up my Christmas book of short stories – my second one. Here is a link to read the first story for free in my first Christmas book – Under Western Skies
3.  Finish the next five chapters of my nonfiction book.
4.  Make sure I get my four posts here for July, as I have been slacking off to two or three the past couple of months.

Meanwhile, stay out of the heat, be careful with fireworks, and keep on reading and writing.

Photos – Today's shots from the Big Thompson River Valley in Colorado (the Big Horn Sheep photos), just east of Estes Park. The rest are from the Laramie Range west of town, and from Guernsey State Park