Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Writing Word Goals and Misadventures

I set a goal to write 1,000 words a day this week - well, I wrote over 1,000, but it took three days. Summertime gives me too many excuses, and my writing suffers.

View on a recent hike - North Platte River, 3 miles from home

Like many people, I often find reasons to spend more time outside, because who doesn't love summer? This does set my writing back, but I do keep up with my reading.

I find that both walking every day, and writing every day helps me to clear my mind - really quite therapeutic

A bit of rest at the halfway point of a hike

Golf, hiking, walking, gardening, photography, and short trips seem to be part of my DNA when summer arrives.

The old days

But, someday, I hope not too soon - cold will return, and I might actually write 1,000 words a day - again.

                                                Part of one of our backyard gardens

Saturday, July 10, 2021

My word count is on fire

                                            Me standing in a 4th of July Nebraska cornfield - back home where I grew up.

It's summer, and here in Wyoming, we are experiencing a typical summer, hot and dry. Seems that is how my writing is going hot, as in getting lots of words on paper, or dry, the words are drying up. Right now, as of the last few days, I am running hot. That is a good thing.

As is normal for me, I am spending quite a bit of time in my gardens. A summer passion that I cannot be without.

Writing Question and Answer

What is more important in writing, idea, or plot? The plot deals with the timeline and events of the story, while the idea is all about the theme. For me it is about the idea because within the idea are the characters that drive the story. 

Writing Update

I have one new book ready for publication, another almost ready, and a third, which I will be finishing soon. I likely will hold out until fall, and publish all three books over a period of a couple of weeks. 

For all the fans of my Blade Holmes western mysteries, the finished book above is indeed a third in that series. Come August or September you will see it. 

I have mentioned here, several times, that the third Blade Holmes would be my last in that series - don't hold me to it, I have a new idea. Maybe!

Enjoy the summer, and when it is too hot to be outside settle in with a good book.