Friday, August 5, 2022

Writing and Walking Into August

 I am back to taking my morning walks. They are shorter than last year, but, hey, for an old duffer like me, a couple of miles each morning is pretty good. It is nice to watch nature again as I walk in the country. Also nice to be able to take some photos from places other than through the open window of my Jeep.

My writing is starting to look up. By that, I mean pick up. I am back to working/rewriting mostly two projects I last worked on in February. This blog might start looking like my old writing site again if that happens. Hopefully, I will post more next time with lots of good news on my works-in-progress.

Today's photos – Are from this week's morning walks.

Wyoming History -  Two sites near our little town of Guernsey, Wyoming, are renowned Palio-Indian dig sites. One at Hell Gap has been an ongoing dig for years. The other in the old mining town of Sunrise, is newer but very active and now with a claim to fame as finding the oldest signs of habitation by humans in the Americas. Exciting times for history lovers.

Another Note –  (or as Columbo used to say – "Just one more thing.”)    My typing skills have diminished quite a bit since my bout with covid. The problem is that I have lost much of the feeling in my fingertips. A bit disconcerting unless I look at my fingers and the screen a little more often. Feels like it's 1964, and I am back in typing class. 

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