Sunday, June 29, 2014

What I Do Not Like to Read

Meaningless dialog- nothing closes up my book faster. I am not a big writer, or reader, of dialogue, and when it does not work, I find a new book.

I have tried to review, and/or edit three different projects for people in the past week and they all fell victim to bad or meaningless dialog. The first tried to be so regional that it was nearly impossible to read. I spend time in Louisiana every fall and people do not talk like her Louisianan’s. The two other projects, both from the same gentlemen were rife with meaningless dialogue.

The, “hey what’s going on,”

“Not much.”

“How ‘bout you.”


Where I Go for Inspiration
Maybe that is why I skip most of the dialogue, hard to write, hard to read.

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Oscar Case said...

Nice photo! Sometimes that type of dialogue sneaks in, but I try to delete it.