Thursday, May 26, 2016

Selfless Book Promo

Lately, I have been a bit dismayed at my book sale totals. That means, in my Wyoming vernacular, I ain't sellin’ much. Guess it proves the point, so many authors make – If you don’t promote you won’t sell many books. I have mentioned books in only one post, here last week, in the past six weeks. I normally promote on Twitter, Google Plus, and my five blogs on a regular basis.

Here They Are All Five of My Books

I hate self-promotion, but it is part of the business. I still do speaking engagements, and love those, and sell quite a few books when I speak. That’s my idea of promotion. I have two events coming up soon and am looking forward and getting ready for them. Meanwhile, if you are interested in a real western, give, Commitment, a look, I believe you will enjoy it. Adventure in the old west, with a terrific mystery. Click the link and read the free sample. This book is available as an ebook and an incredibly good looking soft cover. As most of you know from my previous posts, book two of this series is coming soon. 

Take A Look

The good news, it’s summer and my nonfiction book, The Civilian Conservation Corps and the Building of Guernsey State Park – With Folktales and Stories of the Park, is sold in several places, in and around where I live, and does quite well.

So, I guess it is time to get back to the old grindstone and see if I can start selling a few books again. I think it will help when my next book, or two, come out, just hope it is sooner than later.

Busy Doing Oregon Trail Reserch 

 Here Sitting In the Ruts of That Famous Trail
 Less Than a Mile From Our House 

This week I have been back at work writing. But there is a problem with that; it’s not on either of the books that I should be working on – Oh Well! 

And still time for a few photo sessions this week.

Up High the Snow is Melting, This is The Laramie River Yesterday
 It is normally about 20 Feet Wide - Now 100 Yards or More

Guernsey Lake Looking Through the Wonderful CCC Built
Sitting Bull Shelter

You can see all five of my books on HERE on my Amazon Author Site

Have a great week - keep reading and keep writing.

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