Monday, May 2, 2016

April Words

I have mentioned before that two writers I follow commonly write more than a million words a year. Reading their posts inspired me to keep track of my word number this year. My wife was afraid I might become obsessed with writing everything down – she was right.

Geeting My Ducks in a Row - Even When it is Snowing

April Writing

This month I wrote 22 blog posts and that unfortunately made up about half of my writing as I totaled only, 20,393 words for the month. That means that my works in progress did not go far. The word total does bring me up to 100,466 for the year, quite a bit short of my ongoing goal. By this time, I was supposed to be 121,000 which would be 1,000 words per day for 121 days.  I am averaging 830 words or about 170 per day short of the goal. My actual target for the year is 350,000 (I just call it a thousand a day), so I do have a bit of leeway, but am still behind.

Words Are Like Water Under the Bridge

When I am Not Writing

So, if I am not writing what was I doing? Good question.  I played 11 rounds of golf and took 454 photos during eight photo sessions, mostly wildlife and the beginning of spring and snow in spring pictures. I also started the cold weather part of my garden, planting peas, potatoes, and radishes. The peas and radishes are up, but the potatoes seem to still be in hiding. Along with writing, I also substitute taught five days in April.  Most people especially retired teachers, are surprised that after teaching for 42 years I still go back and sub. I enjoy it still, and will continue subbing as long as I can do it and enjoy my days at school. I also volunteered and worked two long track & field meets.  This month I also had a few over 21,000 hits on my blogs. I don’t keep track of how many unique visits and how many people open multiple pages, that all seems too difficult for me. I am always happy with five thousand a week. I also had multiple blogs with several comments. I try to answer each comment and love it when people take the time to put something in the comments section. I often comment on others blogs if it is something I am interested in or if it strikes my fancy. (Do people still say that)?

One of my April Favorite Photo's

As Colombo Used to Say – “Oh, One More Thing.”

That’s it for this month, hope some other writer’s post how much they have accomplished this month. Oh, I read two books, may be an all-time low for me, but I am doing some commercial writing, and researching for my next non-fiction takes a lot of my time.

Meanwhile – Keep on Writing and Keep on Reading

Note -  this post is 508 words, I’m rolling now!

Laramie Peak in Eastern Wyoming on a Cloudy Day

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