Thursday, June 2, 2016

May Has Come and Gone

My summer writing decline continues, May was my least productive month in recent memory, with only 11 blog posts and 8130 words of writing. Not much. I did make three trips out of state which does slow down the writing. I also am working on a couple of paid projects.  It seems the research took up more time than I thought, or at least that is the excuse I will hang my hat on.

The Famous Register Cliff on the Oregon Trail
Fun Taking Visitors Here as We Did Last Week

I have mentioned before that I follow two writers that do as much in two or three months as I do in a year, but that is all right with me. I seem to write in spurts; hope one comes soon so that I can complete my new Blade Holmes novel. I did make it through the first edit run of my young adult western and am a third of the way through my second go through. After that, I will do another read through and then off to a beta reader, maybe two before publication.

Tending the Gardens Does Have its Rewards

Building a new fence and gate has been fun, but tiring, I just might post a photo when I complete the project. Today seems like a good outside day, time to work on the fence and work in the garden.

Why Did The Old Guy Climb The Tree? Getting Down Was Tough Work

Keep reading and keep writing. 
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