Sunday, May 8, 2016

A Trip to Refesh

Home From a Short Trip

After a few days away it is nice to be back.  It is a dreary and rainy day here which is perfect as I am still recovering from an eight-hour drive yesterday. Fun times and with another long weekend trip coming up in a few days it looks like I will not get much done on my works in progress, Oh well, maybe it will clear my mind and motivate me to finish something.

Out at My Sister and Brother-In-Laws Farm - Sitting in Giant Hackberry Tree

Three Books Coming

I still hope to publish the three books, I have nearly ready to go, in the next few weeks.  But, it will be summer with lots of interruptions and much beautiful warm weather. Looks like I will need to go on a bit more of a schedule than I follow, for my writing, now. Might be an interesting trial or a complete disaster. I have followed a regular schedule before but never lasted long at it.

Books Can be Too Short

In other news I read a blog pushing a particular western, I went to Amazon, $3.99, not bad, length 78 pages. What, a novel 78 pages long. I don’t mind a short book but, this is too short for four bucks. The same author has a five book set for sale that is just over 200 pages.  He may be an excellent writer, I will never know. I might have given him a try if he had advertised his works as long short stories or short novellas and priced them appropriately.

Seemed a Bit Fishy or Froggy to Me

Thoughts From Deep in the Mind of a Western Writer

 I do have a book of short westerns, advertised as such, UnderWestern Skies,  Amazon lists this book as 100 pages, and the book ends on page 140 and then has a bonus first chapter from my western novel, Commitment. So I will give this writer the nod in that it might be listed shorter than it is, or it might be listed longer. I used a 12 point font instead of 11 for this one, as it targets older readers but still do not believe it would add more than a few pages. (I checked when I enlarged it, and the change added less than five or six, cannot remember for sure, old age, you know).   I am always reading about books making money and best seller lists that are really not very good. How about misleading potential buyers with a fancy cover a mid-range price and a 70 or 80-page book. I have never worried much about the length of books but do believe that if it is advertised as a novel, it should run at least 200 pages.  Just my thoughts on a rainy and tired day.  If you would like to read a few free pages of my western novel, which runs 352 pages, take a look at Commitment,here.

Enjoyed a Visit to Rock Creek Station ( Duckbill Hickok became Wild Bill here )

Keep writing and keep reading.

Made in my Hometown, an Old Fairbury Windmill Company Mill

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