Thursday, May 19, 2016

Story Ideas

From Where Do Story Ideas Come ?

Everyone that has written a novel or short stories has been asked that question. Today I thought I would tackle it myself. My ideas are often spontaneous and start with me writing the first line and then letting the story fall in behind. I write mostly historical fiction, but also children’s chapter books for readers seven to ten years old. Although I have not written a novel that would fall into the science fiction category, I have dabbled in short stories in that genre.

How About A Story About the Street You Grew Up On?
Yep This is Mine - See the House With  The White porch Rails?
That's It.

Do Most Writers Ideas Come From Dreams?

One thing I have learned is that my ideas do not come from dreams. I have read so many posts about stories that came from dreams, but not mine. My dreams are often so disjointed that I would have no idea how to turn any of them into a book. I think the best stories are based on real-life events, might be why I like to read historical fiction. For years and years, writers were told only to write, what they know. That has long since passed, as none of my favorite murder mystery writers are murders themselves. Writers can write, what interests them, something for which they have a passion.

Maybe If I Dreamed of Flying

Oh, No Writer’s Block

Many times writers blame the famous, for writers, writer’s block, as the reason for not having an idea for a story, but I don’t think this is true, ideas are all around us. The nightly news, if one writes contemporary stories and history books for writers that love the old days. Almost anything can and does make a good story. Some of the best stories are new takes on old stories. Indeed, it has also been said that there are no new stories, only retelling of old ones. I am not sure if I buy into this, but it might be true. In my western, Commitment, I gave my hero, Blade Holmes, a bit of a superhero feel. No super powers, but abilities and senses far beyond what other men had. In my kid's chapter books, I tell the stories of my life growing up in the 1950s, but center them around, ghosts, zombies, and vampires, just for fun.

It might be a cliché, but my stories start with a first line, and I go from there. I have quite a file of first lines or in some cases, first paragraphs or first pages. I should never have writer’s block, I have plenty of ideas, but sometimes I do have writers, I don’t feel like it, as I have the past two weeks.
This Might be a Place to Cure Writer's Block

Meanwhile At My Writing Desk

So what have I been up too? The final edit on my young adult mystery. I have thirty pages left, on this go through, and then I will be close to finished. Otherwise, I have not done too much, writing, that is.  I have been enjoying life, traveling, watching little league baseball games, going to elementary school concerts, playing golf, and getting my garden and lawn in shape. Oh, and I have also been doing, maybe a bit too much, substitute teaching.
Windmill Made in My Hometown, Many Years Ago
 Photo From Our Most Recent Trip

Keep On Reading and Keep On Writing!

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