Thursday, April 28, 2016

Writing and A Bit of a Trip

When it is nice outside I do not get much writing done. Nope, I’m  too busy working in the yard and garden, playing golf and hiking with my camera. That’s what I say anyway. Looks like instead that I am just procrastinating. I have discovered this because the last few days have not been nice for any of my outdoor hobbies, but I still didn’t get much writing done. Then I figured it out, it’s not procrastination it is because – I’m tired. Poor sleep seems to do that to me. Poor sleep brought on by self-imposing too many deadlines and for me, at my age, working too much.

Not Yet But Soon

Tried kills creativity

 I find it impossible to do much other than a few random blog posts, like this one, when I am in a period of time when I am not sleeping well. Not going to do any subbing at the school for a couple of weeks, time to kick back and relax and I hope write. That should help. We also will take a few days to visit brothers and sisters in Nebraska, I always enjoy that and come back refreshed.

Love Taking Photos Of Old Barns As We Drive Across Nebraska

When I am rested and feeling the juices flowing, I spent several hours each day writing and normally end the day playing harmonica for an hour or so. I have been playing for several years and in the harmonica ranking’s of beginner, player and accomplished, I am a player. I stick mostly to the old tunes, mostly western and gospel music, it is relaxing and helps clear my head.

I Have 5 Special 20s By Hohner - Love Playing Them

So there you have it, less work and less worry will help me write more. Here goes.

Keep writing my friends
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