Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Writing Break and the Great Crain Migration

So where have I been the last week? Well, I have been on vacation. We went to Grand Island, Nebraska to see the Sandhill Crain migration.
Crains & Cows

Spectacular there were more than 200,000 birds, I would guess we saw three or four thousand.
Dancing for the Ladies

We also went to the south-east corner of Nebraska to see family. I got to spend some time with brother, sister, brother-in-law, sister-in-laws and various others and had a thoroughly enjoyable time. Now I am back home writing and editing.
Always Great Nebraska Barns to Photograph and Edit

I am also excited about being part of a documentary for the Wyoming State Parks, Historical Sites and Cultural Resources. I have finished my book, still with a reader/editor, on the Civilian Conservation Corps and this is the subject of the new documentary. The CCC not my book.
The CCC Worker Statue and the Museum - also the cover of my new book

And, by the way, 85 degrees here in my part of Wyoming today.

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