Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Write the Story but Speak the Conservation

Write the story, speak the conversations

Great advice, write the story but when a writer comes to conversation, you know, anything tagged with he said, she said. Write like you are talking not like you are writing.

Writers are often criticized for writing the way they speak and reminded that speaking and writing are two different things. But not always. Many writers say that writing dialogue is the toughest thing to do when writing a novel. Think of it as talking, being careful to make sure that it is age, gender and time and place appropriate. 

There that should make it easy. Or, at least easier.

The photo below is all about the age old writers challenge.  Show don't tell.  Here I show how to relax in the evening, no words needed.

Sitting by the Fire in Guernsey State Park's North Bluff Castle

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