Tuesday, April 12, 2016

That is a Lot of Words - Post # 1064

Read an interesting blog today as the writer was making post number 1,000.  Of course, now I cannot find it and do not remember who wrote it - sorry or I would post a link.

This reading made me wonder how many posts I have made – 1,064 over ten years of blogging. I guessed it to be four or five hundred before I checked.  Not bad with nearly 70,000-page openings.  Nothing to rave about or enough to drive up my book sales. Still that means  65+ reads of each post. I’ll take it. I sometimes post additional things on Google Plus, along with reposting my regular blog posts, but don’t see much interaction from the additional posts. Most of my posts fall into the 250-500 word area which means my thousand plus posts add up to somewhere between a quarter and a half million words. Humm- doesn’t seem like that much.

Speaking of sales, it is always fun and exciting to see sales in other countries. In the past few days I have sold books in the UK, and earlier sold copies in Australia. Fun times!

I have been told that I blog on too many subjects and spread my audience too thin, not sure what that means. I do blog in several areas and here they are.

By far my most popular blog – Wyoming History. I love writing this blog after 42 years as a classroom history teacher.
Looks a lot like Wyoming

My favorite park and only a five-minute drive away. Also the basis for my only nonfiction book about the Civilian Conservation Corps and the building of the park.
The incredible Castle on the North Bluff at Guernsey State Park

My writing blog. I try not to give too much advice as I don’t really know that much about writing. I share some of what I do and a few things that other writers do. I also post excerpts from my writing and quite often posts on how I go about the process of writing.
Horses and Mules at Fort Laramie

This is my gardening blog, gardeners like fisherman, like to boast about how good they are or how large the tomatoes grew this season.
Backyard in July

This blog is still pretty popular but I ran out of things I knew how to cook/bake. It is mostly a humorous look at cooking and grilling but all the recipes are the real deal.
This is the time of day to fire up the grill

This one started as a hodgepodge of stuff but now is mostly about golf, senior golf. I only post a few time a year on this one. Not much effort although occasionally I come up with something that I need to say about my nearly 200 rounds each year.
Little chip shot

My newest blog. This one is for my self-publishing company. Here I mostly share my books and links but eventually hope to post on the process of getting a Microsoft document into book form.
My 5 books on Amazon - Take a look today

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