Monday, February 1, 2016

Marketing and Writing

Selling Books

Lately, it seems like I have been reading quite a few blogs on book marketing, Not sure why, as I don’t do any of the suggested things anyway.  But, there are some good ideas. I think I will continue to wait for one of my books to be picked up by a movie maker. Then the money will start rolling in and I will purchase a winter home in Arizona and drive there in my new RV. While I wait for the big money from the movie makers to come in, think I will keep writing. That seems to be a problem with other writers also, not just me. We like to write and don’t care enough about marketing our stuff. Too bad, I have read some great tales that only sold a few copies. Marketing is something I know I should work on ------maybe someday.
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How Much Did Writers Earn Last Year?

Good question and I have seen it addressed several times in the past few days. One very nice graph published by,, shows nearly 80% of self-published authors made less than $1,000 from their books last year. The graph also shows more than 50% of traditionally published authors fall into that same group of making.  What did I learn, well, only some feel good stuff? I fall, according to the graph, into the top third of all author earnings. Great news, but not enough to give up my other income. Averaging a couple of hundred dollars a month from my books doesn’t quite make me a full timer yet, but it is nice.
 -See the Author Earnings graph here
It is snowing hard here today, so I decided to post an anti-snow photo from last summer

How Long Does It Take To Write a Book?

I had that question asked of me a few days ago. The answer depends on the writer and the book. I average, and I kept track in January, a bit less than a thousand words a day, and that counts posts like this one. That means I am only writing around four thousand words, on my works in progress, per day at the present. Not great but if I keep it up I will finish a rough draft in about four months, another month of self-edit and I am ready to publish or send off for additional editing, depending on the book, my cash flow, and mood at the time. 

Good luck, and keep writing, oh, and reading too.
Meanwhile in my backyard - looks like a good writing day

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