Saturday, February 6, 2016

To Write or Not to Write - Is That a Question?

Do I write every day? Nope! Why not? Because, well, some days I don’t feel it. 
Some days I just like to drive down the hill
Recently I have followed comments on two different blogs that talked about writing every day. Here is what I learned, some do, and others do not. About what I thought. 
Some days a Turkey just tries to hide behind a stick
 At present, I am on a pretty good streak, writing 35 of the past 36 days. And, since I am writing this blog today I will be 36 of 37. On the track, I am on now I will write about a quarter of a million words on works in progress and another ninety thousand, or so, in blog posts. Speaking of blogging last month was the first time ever that I posted more than thirty times, (31). Most months 22-25 posts seem about the norm. 
When I get in the flow (North Platte River Yesterday) writing seems easy
I follow, way too many writing blogs. Most posts seem to feature the same things over and over, mostly stuff I have no interest in. What is blogged about the most, appears to be, writers block and new software for authors? I know nothing of either.  I always have plenty to write, but have, on occasion, written myself into a corner. You know, where I got the protagonist into something I did not know how I was going to get him out. When that happen, I move over to one of my other projects as I always have several going. Not sure if that is really writers block but am pretty sure that no software will write me out.
One way in and often only one way out

One last comment on writing blogs. I will never understand the posts with writing prompts. Prompts, like the ones our high school teachers, used to get us to write something. Not sure why any writer would need or want, writing prompts unless they were meant for a contest. If a writer needs practice might be good to come up with their own ideas, and maybe like here, blog about it.
Writing prompt of the day - If Robins really are harbingers of spring why is he here now?
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