Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Valentines, Prompts, and WIP

Seems like every day I see someone posting a writing prompt. Do people read, or for that matter need a prompt to write? Tough for me to understand how anyone would want to write but needed a prompt to figure out a subject. I know I have posted about this before but it seems odd, at least, to me. Oh well, as kids said a decade ago Whatever!
One of my writing spaces - the one where I need to spend more time

Not sure why but with two works in progress I went off track and have been working on a short story these past two evenings. Where do storytellers get their ideas? Well, this one I was trying to go to sleep and I started thinking about a story for Valentines Day. Pretty odd for me, I never have thought much about, good or bad, Valentines Day. It always seemed a bit too commercial and contrived to me. Could be that after having some success selling my book of Christmas short stories I couldn’t resist writing one more short, but in February.
Where I spend more time writing - what a mess, but it works
Meanwhile, I am getting some work on my novel and some on my nonfiction. At this point, I am seriously thinking about getting the app with the graphs to show where I am with each of the books I am working on. Without the graphics, I will do it the old fashioned way.

Fiction Book – The Night of the Buffalo Moon 12,521 of 60,000 and, my yet unnamed nonfiction book 4,659 of 60,000. I am also still editing my, young adult, historical fiction novel. I’m 2/3 through with my first edit, which leaves me two more go-throughs before I decide to publish, send to readers or to an editor.
My Ideas start here place
Oh, one last thing, the Valentines Day tale, stands at 2,653 of 3,200 words.

Keep writing my friends. 
Today is a great day to be outdoors - not a good writing day
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