Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Thoughts on a Beautiful Day

Oh What A Day

I love it when we have January days like today - mid-40s sunshine, no wind. They don't come often, but when they do - wonderful.

On Writing On A Beautiful Day

I do most of my work on days like this in the evening, by then I am too tired for physical stuff, but hopefully, the mind is still working.
Fort Laramie

Best Tip I Have Found on Writing Motivation

Write something on the work in progress every day. I am trying that now and one day only wrote 62 words after getting home late. I believe this looks like it will work.

Do Words Per Day Goals Work?

Not for me, but it seems to be a great way for some to stay motivated. I have a general goal of averaging around 1,000 words each day I write. So far this month I have written 25 out of 26 days with a total word count of 23,758, This count includes blog posts and any work I do on books. 

On days when I am doing editing my word counts are low as I often lose words in this process. By the way I do not record this as minus words, instead just zero on that project for the day.

Stress Relief

If I were to sit in a chair and write all day, every day I would probably need some type of regular stress relief. I don't so for me this is not needed. But, I do it anyway. For me easing off on stress means, long walks, more strenuous hikes, playing golf and pursuing my passion for photography.

Sunsets are terrific stress relievers, especially if it is along a favorite hiking trail

Writing Quote of the Day

Either write something worth reading or do something worth 

writing.   -Ben Franklin-

Photo of the Day

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