Sunday, May 10, 2015

Too Much to Do

I have learned my lesson – maybe. Lately, I have been working on three books at the same time. Actually I took a peak at a fourth but we won’t talk about that.
These are not genre westerns, two are kid’s books and one is a nonfiction book about the Civilian Conservation Corps. The one I took a peak at is the western.
So what have I been doing? Trying to get both the print and Kindle additions ready. Thought it would take a couple of days at best, well I was wrong. From now on I am going to try to work on one book at a time.
The two kids books (3rd and 4th grade reading level) – Melvin the E Street Ghost and, Then Mike said, “There’s a Zombie in my Basement, are part of a six-book series.
My other book, no editions for sale yet, will be out by Friday. It is the nonfiction book and I am really quite proud of the way it came out. The book entitled, The Civilian Conservation Corps & the Building of Guernsey State Park – With Folktales and Stories of the Park, will be returned with finished edits Tuesday and should be for sale by Friday.

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