Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Web Sites for Writers

Seems like in January each year there are a lot of best of lists from the past year posted. Best books, movies, cars, socks, trips, just about anything, not sure about socks.

This is an excellent resource I found posted on the 50 best writers sites.  I looked through a few I had not seen before, and they all looked pretty good.

I scrolled to the bottom to see if I made the list – Nope - missed again. Might be Russian hackers keeping me off the list, could be low voter turnout, or possibly, voter apathy, or prejudice against bloggers born in the 1940s, not sure.
Guess I will keep marching uphill

With my tongue firmly planted in cheek - The good news is – I will continue on.  

Meanwhile keep writing and keep on writing.

Snow here today, five or six inches so far and still snowing lightly. 
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