Wednesday, January 4, 2017

My Favorite Reads from 2016

Every year starts off with new hope and new life, wonder how many have already faded back to 2016? One of my goals, I try not to call them resolutions, was to walk more this year. Guess what? High-temperature today of 9 and seven inches of new snow. Well, guess I will continue my, walk more, goal, next week.

I did go back through my 2016 book sales, and they were better than 2015 and better than I expected. Still not quite a bestseller, but if the sales get better each year I will be happy.
Albino Mule Deer Doe

I didn't read as much this year as normal, I did do more research and will use that as an excuse. Of the books, I read here were my five favorites for the year – okay seven.

In No Particular order
1.  Off the Grid by  C. J. Box
2.  The Mammoth Book of Westerns (Thanks Oscar for putting me on to this one)\
3.  Jim Bridger Mountain Man by Stanley Vestal
4.  The Story of the Outlaw by Emerson Hough
5.  Postcards by Annie Proulx
6.  Echo Burning by Lee Child (Thought I had read all of Child’s, Jack Reacher books, not sure how I missed this one)
7.  Cabin Fever by B. M. Bower
I love to watch these guys fish

Reading in 2017 - I have already finished reading one entertaining nonfiction book I got as a Christmas gift. I am presently reading an excellent collection of western short stories, Western Stories,  by Oscar Case. It might be hard to believe, but I am also reading and enjoying, a book on punctuation, called, Eats Shoots & Leaves by Lynne Truss.

The photos are four of my favorites from 2016.
I spent as much time as I can in my garden - can't wait for spring

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