Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Too Hot to Fish and Too Hot To Write :-)

Remember the country song of a few years ago with the catch line, “too hot to fish?” The idea being it’s never really that hot. But it can be too hot to write, especially when waiting for new central air and furnace to be installed. It was well over 100 today. Right now it is seven o’clock in the evening, and the temperature outside is 100, inside with our lack of air it is a chilly 89.
Maybe This Will Help Everyone Cool Off

Oh well, must not be too hot anymore, as I am getting ready to go to work on my newest novel. I am 36,000 words in, so far, and looking for fifty to fifty-five thousand. Not as long as some of my previous works but lately I have been following some who are, in the know, that say shorter is in. Originally I planned on 70,000 words, a size I like, but will see what readers think of a slightly shorter novel.  The good news, it will also cost readers a bit less. At present, I’m thinking of a buck 99 for the eBook and a cent under ten bucks for the softcover.
Ahh - That's Better

These are the prices that I sold my Christmas book for when I published it in November. Speaking of that Christmas collection of short stories, I am thinking about a new cover for it before pushing it again next Christmas season. I am hoping for a new collection of Christmas stories, but it may not be this next Christmas. This first collection sold well, and I had some nice compliments on it. This year I will also have it in some area bookstores before Thanksgiving. When it is hot outside sure is nice to talk about happenings in November and December.

Terrific Way to Pass the Time on a Hot Summer Day

Fun times at the writing desk.

Keep Writing & Keep Reading!
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