Monday, December 28, 2015

Reflections on the Year

I have been retired (from a 42 year teaching/coaching career) for nearly four years, some days I like it and some I do not.  Friends tell me that I am not completely retired as I do spend some days working, so maybe I am but semi-retired. I worked as a substitute teacher about 40 days last year, did a half dozen speaking engagements and made a few hundred dollars from my books. Not sure all that adds up to a real job, but I do keep busy when I want. In a few weeks, I will have another birthday, this one will put me two years from 70 and I am not sure how I feel about that. With every year, my golf game gets a bit worse, and my passion for hiking gets harder to do. But, I continue to enjoy both.
Hikking in the park - Marsh Mountain Trail
I have quite a few days when my writing passion keeps me going. Some days I get carried away with research for my new nonfiction book and some days I write for many hours. I am well into and have plans to put out a new western/mystery book, a nonfiction book, a historical fiction novella and a nonfiction, growing up book this year. I may also revisit a humor-nonfiction book I started nearly a decade ago. Lofty goals, but attainable, I hope.
At our age, my wife and I celebrated our 47th-anniversary last week, we have become much more appreciative of old friends and family. Wonderful to have them around and great to keep in touch.

So what are our other plans for this year? Two trips, other than our usual trips back to our hometown. We are soon, late March, heading to the four corners area to take a look around. Next fall we will, once again, go to Louisiana, Texas area to enjoy some family and warm weather as ours starts to cool.  In between, a trip north this summer, Canada, maybe.
Entry area to Guernsey State Park with the lights of our little town a mile away
I also took about 6,000 photos this year, about the same as last year.
One of my favorite photos of the year - Late fall in Wyoming mountains

Happy New Year and Thanks for Reading!
Fun in the back yard
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