Friday, December 18, 2015

Family Time

This time, of the year I put most of my writing away. Time for family and fun. I might get a bit of writing in but won’t try to schedule anything specific. Seemed like I have slowed down some lately anyway, might be the winter time blues. (Caused by not enough time on the golf course)  No, I haven’t quit, just smacked into a few obstacles.

I did get a chance this week to talk history with some school kids. This is something I always enjoy after spending 42 years at the front of the class.
Talking to Elementary Kids about the Mountain Men
First I am trying to get a decent copy, in a word, of my Civilian Conservation Corps book on Guernsey State Park. I am going to send it for editing to see if I can get a better digital book. The soft cover is fine, but the digital book moves photos and captions around and adds in white space. It still is in order and reads all right, but does not look very good. The problem?  I messed up my word files so much trying to fix it that I no longer have a good copy to send for editing. So here I am, fixing a copy, three hours so far and half way through – never fear, I will get there. #1 Reason why a professional editor is good.
Talking with High Schoolers about the CCC
I am also trying to finish up a new novel, my sixth book, tentatively titled – Ghost of the Fawn, and subtitled- A Wyoming Mystery. It is a good full day or two of work before it will go off for editing.

Setting for and possible cover photo for my new novel
The final project I am working on is still in the research phase, my book, as yet not titled, on Fort Laramie. If all goes well, I hope to send my CCC book off to the editor this weekend. After that, I am not sure. Hope to have the novel completed by the end of February, but that may be too optimistic. As far as the nonfiction book on Fort Laramie, who knows, my hope? By summer.
Fort Laramie this Summer - back when it was warm
Now it is time to enjoy family and friends over the holidays.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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