Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Summer's Almost Gone

I am still not spending as much time writing as I would like, but summers seem to be too busy for me. With all the guests and a few short trips, plus helping two of our kids move to new locations has taken most of my summer. But I don’t complain, not much anyway. Nice to have visitors and nice to see the kids doing well, but now I am ready to kick back a little.
Taking a break on the steps of the North Bluff Castle in Guernsey State Park
Fall seems to be my best time, I sub at the school a bit and write a lot. I still have great hopes of two books before Christmas and two more before May 1. All are written, or nearly so, but still need a bunch of work. My book of Christmas short stories in the west should be out on or before October 15, and my western mystery, “The Incident at Hell’s Half Acre,” is due out by the end of December. After Christmas, the third of my children’s chapter book series should be a go. And lastly and with great hopes, my second non-fiction history book should be available before the kids are out of school for another summer.
Colors from last fall as we hiked Black Canyon Trail

On another note, the vegetable garden is terrific this year and the flowers and lawn look pretty good. The golf game has been fair to middling and the fishing not so good. But when the snow flies I will be writing, I have a lot of projects to finish. 

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