Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Making a Few Bucks Writing Books

I have been spending a lot of my summer reading time looking over writing and marketing strategy. What have I learned?

Traditionally published authors still have a leg up on independently published writers. It may be harder than ever to get a publishing contract from a traditional publisher. If a writer works in the western genre, forget it. No publisher, from a big traditional house, is taking on western writers. Some small publishers might, but their resources are limited.

If an independent writer understands aggressive marketing, he or she might have a chance to make a good living writing books. Seems to me there are quite a few writers and bloggers marketing themselves as writing gurus and making a living at it. Maybe that’s easier than writing a good mystery and selling it.

Don’t take this wrong, I do not understand a thing about marketing books or creating and selling my own brand. That’s why I read all of the marketing stuff I can. Is it working? Somewhat. Last month was the first that I made a significant (for me), amount of money. What is that for me? Over a hundred bucks – last month over $200. And I would love to make that much every month. Not a living, but then I never expected it to be. I do like the fact that it gives me a little extra spending money.

I should be much more aggressive with selling books on Facebook and on Twitter. I just can’t do it, don’t want to make friends feel like they have to buy one of my books. So, guess I will be happy with what I make. I love writing, not so much marketing the product of my time. I do enjoy talking to groups and selling a few books at that type of event. I also like leading readers to my author's page on Amazon.

A chance was offered to publish my non-fiction (CCC book) traditionally with a small publisher, but I passed as the time frame would have stretched the release date out another year.
I am deep into another non-fiction historical and once again have a chance to go more traditional, with a smaller but successful publisher. I am too old to wait for the timeline they offered and my per copy money would be less than .50 cents, not nearly as good as going the self-pub route. Guess I will stick to making my pin-money income and enjoying the writing.

What am I going to do next? Head out to the golf course and enjoy the day.
All blog posts are better with a photo of Bison relaxing in the noon-day sun.

Think I will go on with the idea of - writing for the story, and hoping for the best.
Last evening another wonderful sunset

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