Sunday, January 18, 2015

Forward with Your Foreword

Does a book have a forward or a foreword? We all know it is a foreword, don’t we?  While reading a somewhat popular nonfiction book this week I noticed it had a forward – Hum. I looked through a small shelf of books and found another with the wrong foreword and also one (Indi Published) with a foreward, Hum again.

One problem I see with this is forward and foreword, regardless if the words are used incorrectly, will not be picked out by a spell checker. I always remember it as a fore – before, & word, before the words. Works for me. A book can have a foreword, and it will be written by someone other than the author, but cannot have a forward.

This is so easy to mistype that it should always be edited by Santa Clause, you know, “checking it twice.”

Forward can be an, adverb, adjective or verb depending on how it is used.
Foreword is a noun used in a preface or introduction.

With that, I must move forward and get ready to write a foreword for a friend’s history book.*

*Not really, although it would be fun. If any blog readers want me to write a foreword, I am looking forward to your requests. 
Sorry, couldn’t help myself!

Leaving you with a photo I took west of town this morning.

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