Monday, July 24, 2017

Writing Westerns - What? Writers Block!

There is no such thing as writer's block, anyway, that is what seems to be a hot topic for bloggers lately. Maybe so. Might not be such a thing. I always have ideas but sometimes life gets in the way of my writing. I am not blocked right now but my time seems to be. Summer time, lots of visitors, and outside activities, that might not be writer's block but it does slow me down a bit. I am back to work on several of my projects, working some here and there as time and my mood allows.
 My Office - Everything I Need and Ready to Go

Goals - This time of year is the perfect time to set some goals for fall and winter. I hope to complete three of my projects/books by Christmas. Most of my writing each year takes place in the fall and winter anyway so there may be a chance I will make that goal.

Selling Books - I also hope to continue to market my books keeping my sales on a steady rise. Sales since May have been the best for me since I started selling on Amazon more than two years ago.

Books by Neil A. Waring – my books
My two historical fiction books with Marshall Blade Holmes, Commitment, and The Ghost Dance are doing particularly well. My book of short Christmas stories, Under Western Skies, continues to sell despite Christmas being half a year away. My newest book, Beginning Gardening and Other Entertaining Lies, with real tips and lighthearted stories, is selling surprisingly well. Not because it is not a good read, actually I am quite proud of it, a book that is both a good garden resource and some smiles, along with a handful of murder mystery short stories.
Front Yard Visitors a Few Days Ago

My other five books also continue to sell a few copies each month despite all the things potential readers have to do in the summer.

Meanwhile – Keep on reading and keep on writing
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