Friday, July 29, 2016

Reading on a Lazy Summer Day

I am going through a lazy time as a writer. Presently spending more time in the garden and more time reading than I am writing.

I call what I do, working in the garden, but my dad used to call it,
puttering around in the garden - he is closer to what I do.
Finished rereading Conan Doyle’s, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes last week. Some readers see theses stories, and Doyle’s writing as too old fashioned, I like both. This particular book is a collection of 12 short tales, all fun, and easy, quick reads.

Yesterday I started Chuck Tyrell’s short story, Origin of White Deer, from another collection of 8 short stories, although I have not yet read much of it, I loved the first three chapters, and it looks to me like a good one.  This book titled, Adventures of Cash Laramie and Gideon Miles Vol. II - should be an enjoyable read. I will post more when I finish in a couple of days.

Speaking of white deer, I was able to get this, and about two
dozen more photos, of this albino Mule Deer last Christmas Day

We spent an enjoyable day, yesterday, in Rocky Mountain National Park. As always the scenery was spectacular. I was a bit surprised at the crowds, looks like a bumper year for tourists.
Always special

Meanwhile keep on reading and keep on writing.

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