Friday, July 1, 2016

A Month of Writing

June has ended, and it is time for a break 4th of July – Independence Day. Food, Family, Fun & Fireworks and in our case we will visit a huge flea market and maybe a few antique stores.
Last Year Fort Laramie on the 4th of July

The end of the month also means a look back at my June writing. Once again it was not enough, seems like an ongoing theme. My goal for the year is a quarter of a million words, but I have never been close and looks like I will not be again this year. Oh well! All of my goals are sketchy at best, but I still would like to write at the 20,000 words per month pace, less than 700 per day.

So how did I do? 12,843 words, better than the past two months but still woefully short of my goal. For the year I am just under 122,000 words, if I pick it up, I might make the 250,000, but I am not betting on it not yet. I still continue working on a final edit, from the book proof and the finishing touches on, the first draft, of another novel.
Looks like about half of this month’s writing was in the form of blog posts as I made 20 total this month. Not bad and about what I expect each month.
Grandson Fireworks 

What’s holding me back? Lots and lots of visitors and lots of time with kids and grandkids. Typically I blame my lack of production on too much time with my camera, but I have not spent much time taking photos the past month. Must be the garden and maybe a bit too much golf. Oh and it was too hot to write, but now with an all new central air and furnace system it is terrific inside, but much poorer.
Maybe Not That Cool

Keep reading and keep writing and have a safe and memorable Independence Day.
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