Saturday, October 24, 2015

Lakeshore Drive and Books for Sale

Work is going well in the park. Lakeshore Drive was open today and I drove to Black Canyon Cove and back. Looks like two major areas of concern, the crumbling road on a very dangerous curve
Wonderful looking fix on a very bad curve
and a bad culvert.
The CCC would be proud of the way this was fixed in their style
I stayed until just before dark waiting for the sunset, it wasn’t spectacular but was pretty nice.
Sun turns the sky golden over Laramie Peak - looking from the boat dock
When the moon started peeking through the trees I knew it was time to head for home.

 My newest novel, Commitment, is now available as a book or eBook
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Commitment is a historical mystery/western, set in and around Fort Laramie and south to Laramie City and Cheyenne. Good old fashioned story with a bit of mystery, romance, bad guys and one very special good guy – great fun.

And of course, my book on the Building of Guernsey State Park can be found almost anywhere online and at many local sellers.
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Hey, talk about the perfect Christmas gift for everyone that loves the park.

Need a book for the kids or grandkids? My two kids chapter books are good clean fun.  

Fast moving adventures of growing up in the 1950s, with a ghost and Zombie just for the heck of it. Find them along with all my books here.

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