Monday, October 19, 2015

How I Write

Seems like there is software for everything now. I have read a few recent blog posts about the newest in writing software. I know that many modern writers use Scrivener, which helps writers manage their work from outline to formatting. I have thought about giving this one a try, then decided, you know the, “hard to teach an old dog new tricks,” adage. So I passed.
Still pitch my books the old fashioned way also - here talking to the Goshen Co. Historical Society
Civilian Conservation Corps book
Now I read promotions for writers of software that plots or helps a writer to plot, gives a writer story ideas, keeps the bad guys separated from the good guys and does just about everything but wash the pots and pans in the river. Although I have never tried any of these, it seems that the story lines would seem a bit mechanical and contrived. Not sure any software can replace imagination and an author's imagination is what makes a writer stand out.

At times, I feel like I should be still writing out stories or story ideas on my old legal pad – oh, never mind, I do still do that. But I do not use a typewriter. I write on my laptop and occasionally when I am out of the area on my tablet, but the word program seems to be a bit more cumbersome on my tablet so I usually try to take along my laptop if I think I will have time to write.
My office - where I write when I am under a deadline
For the most part, I sit in my easy chair in the family room or at my desk in my office and write.
My blogging, reading and game watching - Command Center - in the family room
Occasionally, when the weather is perfect, I write outside on the deck.

As for story ideas, I have too many to write in my lifetime. How do I keep track of characters, plot lines and other elements of the story? In a notebook, with pen and pencil, old fashioned but it works for me. My fifth book, Under Western Skies, 12 Tales of  Christmas, will be out in a couple of weeks. If all goes as planned, my sixth and my second nonfiction, should be out by the middle of May.

My go-to  home library

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