Friday, April 10, 2015

Hey - What're Ya Reading

Seems I run into more and more people who say, “I don’t watch much TV. Then they tell me they would rather spend their time reading, but that’s it.

I am forever telling people what I am reading, and I read a lot. By the way, I also like to watch TV, even if it is politically incorrect to admit. There are several shows along with multiple sporting events that I enjoy very much on TV.  

My question is why do so many people say they spend their time reading but never talk about what or why or how good it is?

So here is what I am reading and I love to talk about it.

Tony Hillerman – A Memoir -- Just finished, super read.
Collection of Nebraska Pioneer Reminiscences -- Compiled by the DAR in the 1930s, Wonderful to anyone with ties to the Cornhusker state
Endangered, by C.J. Box, he is as good as there is for modern day western mysteries

The above is my normal M-O reading both a fiction and a nonfiction at the same time. Sometimes I throw in a collection of short stories along with the two books. I also read several samples each week looking for what I will take on next. And if we are off on one of our many two, three or four day trips we always take a book on CD.

There you have it, my reading and I love to talk about it. Oh, in the fall I also do a book club event where we go through several books and parts of others over a three month period.

*I do not count books I read to edit, or for books I am asked to review. I consider this part of my writing/work time.

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And sometimes I read here, one of my favorite places

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