Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Re-write and Re-check - Again and Again

Well, I made it. Re-write, second time through, is complete. Now I will spend some time finding those pesky words, you know the words that are used too often. I check a rather small list but one I believe is pretty effective. Here is the list

ü That –This may be one of the most over used words in all of noveldom (made up that word but I like it)  Example – He checked to make sure that the ropes were tight – BETTER – He checked to make sure the ropes were tight.

ü Stuff-Used more by young people, I did a find on my 84,000 word novel and used it seven times-that’s OK

ü Things

ü Got

ü Was

ü Went

ü Very-Another word that is often overused to the extreme-Mark Twain said to cross out the word very every time it is used and substitute damn, guess what, it works!

ü Are-

ü Good-

ü When-

ü As-

ü And, of course, I will do a “ly” check; these pesky adverbs are easy to over use.

On this same note many authors do not write in first person because it is so easy to start every paragraph or almost every sentence with I.

 One of my works in progress is a written in first person Mystery, ran an “I” check and decided to put it away for awhile. It’s hard.

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