Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Writing Update as Summer Cools Down

We spent some time in Rocky Mountain National Park this week, always a great place to visit.  I love being able to drive up above the timberline and a chance to see some stunning views of the Rockies.
Lots of Elk in the Park

Writing Update
Writing wise I remain a bit on the slow side. I am getting some things, ok, a few things accomplished. Most days I am able to write 250 to 400, or so, words. That’s not much output for me but not bad this time of year. Seems in winter I really crank it up getting quite a few days in the 2,000 range, but not now and this is not a call for an early winter.
Raven on a cloudy and cool day
What I’m Working On
Most of my work seems to be on my new, tongue in cheek, nonfiction book, the one I have not yet talked about here – soon, I hope. I also finished a few more pages in the fourth of my children’s chapter books. These books don’t sell as well as my others but are getting some nice comments from parents who have kids reading them or who have read them to their children. One thing I have learned, children’s books do not do as well as eBooks, should have known it, kids like books, seems they have enough electronics in their lives without books too.  I guess there is a bit of a consolation prize in that I do sell a few of these in softcover each month.
Me and my 12-year-old Grandson taking a look at a huge Elk herd.
By the way, I like this view of me :-)

What’s Next?

The great eclipse is only a couple of weeks away and we are right in the middle of it. I am doing a book signing at an event the weekend before the eclipse and then expect to stay home on the big day and watch the sun disappear from my deck. 
Snapped this one a few days ago - looks like he wants me to go away.'
So I did.
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