Thursday, September 1, 2016

A Pretty Good August

Summer Is Gone – At Least If You Are A Kid

Wow, the summer seemed to pass quickly. As an old school teacher, for me, summer still ends when the kids are back in school. We live within hearing distance of the playground at the local elementary. I love sitting out on our deck in the morning and listening to the kids playing. Makes this old guy feel young, ok, younger at least.
School Days

Word Numbers for August & 2016

Today’s post is not about going back to school it’s my monthly writing report. The month of august was better for me, still not on goal, but close. For regular readers I started with a goal of 350,000 words, soon realized it was over my ability and reduced it to 250,000 words. To write 250,000 words in a year I need to average just under 21,000 words each month. This month I was a bit over at 21,417 but not nearly enough to make up for the past two months of relaxed writing.
Looks Like I Will Be Spending More Time Writing

For the year I now stand at 155,068 words written, on pace for 232,000 words. Looks like I need to pick up the pace the next few months and with cold weather coming soon, should not be a problem.  
I also was short on blog posts in august, only posting 14 times about 4 or 5 less than normal. So what does a writer do when he/she is not writing? Edits, of course. I have been doing a lot of that recently, along with traveling, gardening and playing golf.
One Of Our Backyard Gardens

Oh, No Not the New Book Again

On the bright side, after writing about it several times, my new book will be live and for sale in a few days. I am just polishing some parts of the back cover text. Right now it looks as if it should be on Amazon, Barns and Nobel and many other places by Monday.

Book Sales

I have posted very  little in the way of promotions for my books this summer and sales are starting to reflect it. Guess advertising, at least a little, does help.

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