Saturday, August 6, 2016

Hartville Wyoming

We had a terrific time in Hartville Wyoming today.
Winter Photo of Harville, Wyoming Visitor Center/Museum
This weekend is the Hartville, Sunrise Reunion, and Hartville’s big Boot Hill Days celebration. The morning activity was in the old Hartville School now a completely re-done museum/visitor center.

I have now been to enough events selling books that,
evidently, I do them with my eyes closed. I have better
photos from today but this one is the funniest.

We talked with some old friends, made some new ones and had an all around great time. I signed and sold several books and handed out a bunch of my custom bookmarks. I love days like this.

The book I was signing and selling today - Click and take a look

We had to leave earlier than we wanted as we had weekend guests, but I am sure everyone had a great day.

I sat next to a Lady who's Grandpa had a business in this Hartville
Main Street building more than 50 years ago

For followers who do not know the tiny town of Hartville, it is quite a place with a rowdy cowboy and mining history. The town itself has been around for more than 130 years, making it Wyoming’s oldest city. Hartville was founded by Major Verling Hart who from 1880-1882 was stationed at Fort Laramie and several times was the fort commander. Hart, along with others staked out copper mining claims in the area. 
I took this shot of the Hartville Post Office last winter
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