Wednesday, March 23, 2016

I Wonder About Many Things

If you are one who reads, way too many writing blogs, like me, do you ever wonder?

I wonder

1.   Who are these writers and what have they written? I do and often find some interesting things. I like to look at their books on Amazon first, and if it interests me, I go to their full blog or website.

2.   Why do people trash particular blogging platforms and rave on about others? I have read two recent posts about how bad Blogger is, and why everyone should use . . . . . . . . . .  I like blogger and have tried others. I seem to get better readership here but I am certainly not about to tell others this is the only one that is any good. Heck, I started blogging on AOL, remember them?

3.   Why, it seems, is more money being spent on covers than on editing? (please do not point out my mistakes here, these are self, and not well-edited posts)

4.   Have you noticed it is hard to find many genre bloggers who write westerns or historical fiction?
There are a few, but not many, let me know if any readers know of good sites I may be missing.

5.   What is the reason for giving a one or two-star review and then stating, I didn’t read the book or I only read the sample and that was enough. I never have rated a book unless I have read it, all of it. If I read a book that I do not feel deserves a four or five-star rating, not often, I will not leave a review. The reason I give the four or five is that if I kept reading it must have had something I liked. I quit on about half the books I start reading, just not my thing, but I do not believe everyone will feel as I do.

6.   Lastly, what book promotions actually work? Seems like from time to time all writers blog about marketing and promotions. So what works? Who knows. I have tried a few, not many, and have no idea, but I sure do read a lot of articles about how too. I sometimes go a week with little or no sales, then sell several in one day. Not sure why, but if I figure it out, I will be blogging about it.

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