Saturday, November 21, 2015

Write a Book and Get Rich - NOW

On the weekend,  I often spend extra time looking at writing blogs. Some have good advice, others are not very understanding of self or Independent published authors. One blog post suggested that spending 10 to 15 thousand dollars on promotions and advertising would be a good idea, money well spent.  After a two or three thousand dollars edit, that means a book would come in with expenses of 12 to 18  thousand dollars before the author makes a dime. Big traditional publishers might spend this on A-list authors, but I know of not a single Independent author or small publishing house who would, or could, spend that much money. Most of us don't have a bank account with more than a number or two on the left side of the decimal.

I read somewhere that 95% of books sell less than 100 copies, others say 200. I have no idea if that stat is real or made up, but it sounds reasonable.  With an author making two or three dollars for each book sold, it looks like tough sledding for most. Spending 15 thousand to make $600, is not very good business, not even in and author's imaginary world.  

This has nothing to do with the post, but we had a terrific sunset this evening

The good news, I have one book that is long past 200 copies sold, and another well past 100. Guess that puts me in the category of top 5% of all authors. Maybe I'm famous, or at least a best-selling author. (Tongue firmly planted in cheek)

Tellin' stories and Sellin' books - loving it!

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