Sunday, July 5, 2015

Where Has All My Summer Gone?

Where has the summer gone? I know, it’s not close to finished yet, but it is moving along nicely. My writing has suffered as of late, seems like distractions are the order of the day.
Distractions like talking to a young man, some kids, and a Ranger at Fort Laramie

Too many short trips, visitors and other things getting in the way, and it won’t stop for a few more weeks. Looks to me like it will be the first of August before my life returns to my normal. Somehow I have managed to keep up, kind of, with my blogs but little work on my new book.

The four books that I have out have all sold some copies which is nice. I feel like if I had the time to promote more I could sell a few more copies. By the first of august, if things do settle down a bit, I may try one of the Kindle EBook promotions for my two kid’s chapter books. Thinking about making one free for a time. I have very little knowledge of how these promotions work so will need to do more non-writing work to figure it out.

But there is always an on the other hand. For me, this summer has been warm, busy, fun and eventful. What more could an old guy hope for? Oh, yeah, I little more writing time.
I'm Always up for a good hike or picnic
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