Sunday, June 15, 2014

Campsite at Fort Laramie

It is always fun to take a trip back in time. This weekend was the annual Mountain Man/Trapper rendezvous as Fort Laramie.

Trapping Brigade Leader - Only Person Wealthy Enough to get a Painting of Himself
 I like reading about and writing about the Trapper/Mountain Man time, 1820-1840, not sure that books from this era are as popular as they once were but it was a fascinating time in history. 
Non-camp Trader Pedaling His Wears

In 1834 Robert Campbell and William Sublette built their trading post on the Laramie River. This fort named Fort William, later became Fort John, and when the government bought it, as an army outpost, it became Fort Laramie.

Well Chosen Campsite
No cameras were around in the fort’s heyday, but I did my best, with a little photo editing and the help of a few modern day Mountain Men, to capture camp life at the fort before it became a destination for all wagons west.
Breaking Camp
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